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Could you walk around the WORLD???

16 June

worldwalkHave you ever dreamed of walking across our beautiful city?  The bridge run brings you pretty close, but how about walking across our state?  Our country?  How about the world?

For the next five years, that is exactly what Tom Turcich is planning to do.  His plan is to touch down in all 7 continents… even Antarctica!!  But for now, he is trekking through the BLAZING hot Carolina coast.

20150615_184944Dr. Tim and his family have been following Tom’s journey and reached out to him when he walked through Mount Pleasant yesterday.  In true southern form, they offered him a place to stay for the night.  How cool is that?  I’m sure Tom appreciated a hot shower and soft bed!

If you would like to follow Tom and his journey around the world, his website is .   Good luck Tom!!

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