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The Aging Dentition

23 March

agingag2As we move through the years, our bodies change and evolve in a variety of ways.  Hair color and thickness, skin elasticity and bone density, even hormones in our bodies change.  Teeth are no different.  They are subject to the same wear and tear that the rest of our body experiences, arguably more!

ag3The aging dentition typically presents with a deepened overbite, crooked lower incisors, and chipped/worn teeth due to excessive grinding against the collapsed arches.  You’ve probably seen this before- perhaps subtle, but noticeable.

In order to restore this bite to it’s youthful charm, orthodontics is used to restore the vertical dimension and uncrowd the collapsed teeth- resulting in a wide youthful smile.  Once the teeth are in their proper positions, your general dentist can restore your teeth if necessary with veneers or simple whitening.jl

Some movement of teeth is part of the natural aging process, but it can be reversible.  There are multiple options within orthodontics to treat this issue including lingual braces, invisalign and clear braces.  Let us know how we can help!

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