Trusted Treatment With Metal Braces

At Pierce Orthodontics in Mt. Pleasant, we've evolved with the times, offering modern metal braces that are both comfortable and efficient while still serving as the stainless steel backbone of orthodontics.

Under Dr. Tim's expertise, patients can expect a reliable treatment combined with today's advancements for enhanced comfort and design.

Modern Orthodontics With
Traditional Strength

Dr. Tim uses metal braces to address all sorts of orthodontic issues—from crowded teeth to jaw alignment.

While metal braces have a rich history in orthodontics, our approach at Pierce Orthodontics ensures they're in step with today's needs. They’re more comfortable, less noticeable, and just as effective.

A Versatile Solution

Braces aren't just about straightening your teeth. They’re versatile tools that Dr. Tim can use to treat a wide range of dental and orthodontic issues, including the following:

Crowded Teeth

One of the most common orthodontic problems, crowded teeth can make proper cleaning challenging. This can lead to increased chances of tooth decay and gum disease. Braces effectively create space and align your teeth properly.


An overbite occurs when your upper front teeth overlap significantly with your lower front teeth. This can lead to gum issues or irritation and wear on the lower teeth. Braces can correct this alignment, reducing the overlap.


The opposite of an overbite, an underbite is when your lower teeth are further forward than your upper teeth. This misalignment can cause wear and tear on the upper teeth, as well as jaw pain. Braces help adjust the position of your teeth for a healthier, more balanced bite.


When your upper and lower teeth don't meet correctly, it results in a crossbite. This condition can cause wear on your teeth, gum disease, and bone loss. Braces effectively realign your teeth to correct your bite and improve your overall dental health.

Gaps Between Teeth

Spaces or gaps between your teeth can result from missing teeth or simply growth patterns. Braces can pull your teeth together, closing these gaps and giving your smile a more uniform appearance.

Open Bite

An open bite is when your upper and lower front teeth don't make contact with each other. This can cause speech issues and eating difficulties. Braces can help bring your teeth into their proper alignment.

Misaligned Jaw

Issues with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can lead to jaw pain, headaches, and other problems. While braces predominantly correct teeth alignment, they can also play a role in conjunction with other treatments to alleviate some jaw-related issues.

Mt Pleasant Braces

Understanding Your Metal Braces

Traditional braces with Pierce Orthodontics consist of a series of metal brackets fixed to each tooth. We connect these brackets together using a specialized wire to guide your teeth into their ideal positions.


Our brackets are composed of a combination of stainless steel and other metals specifically designed for durability and comfort. Brackets securely hold the guiding archwire in place to ensure consistent and effective treatment.


To ensure the brackets stay firmly in place on each tooth, Dr. Tim uses a special orthodontic adhesive. It's safe, durable, and a vital part of the braces setup.


Elastics, or rubber bands, play a crucial role in adjusting bites. Dr. Tim might use elastics between upper and lower bracket hooks to correct specific bite misalignments, applying gentle pressure where needed.


This guiding wire is pivotal for directing teeth movement. Dr. Tim shapes this wire and threads it through the brackets to target specific adjustments so that each tooth moves optimally.

Orthodontic Bands

At certain stages of the treatment, Dr. Tim might use stainless steel bands to reinforce specific teeth, providing an anchor point for the braces or other orthodontic appliances.


Dr. Tim may use these spacers—or separators—to create the necessary space between your teeth to place orthodontic bands. Spaces are small but crucial components in the treatment plan.

Elastic Ties/O-Rings/Ligatures

To connect the wire and brackets, Dr. Tim uses small rubber rings or bands. They can come in various colors, offering a bit of personalization to the braces.

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