Five Decades of Expert, Personalized Care

We’re proud to be Mt. Pleasant’s go-to solution for any and all orthodontic needs. Dr. Tim and the team value each and every patient as members of the family, and that’s the kind of quality you can expect from us.

Expert Training

Dr. Timothy Pierce, fondly known as “Dr. Tim,” is more than just an orthodontist. Orthodontists are dentists first. Out of 100 orthodontic school graduates, on average, only six go on to become orthodontists.

To master the art and science of orthodontics, Dr. Tim devoted 11 years to rigorous training:

  • Four years of college at Furman University
  • Four years of orthodontic school at the Medical University of South Carolina
  • Three years of specialized orthodontics residency in Philadelphia at Temple University)

During his orthodontic education, Dr. Tim spent three crucial years acquiring the skills essential for managing tooth movement and guiding facial development.

His commitment to the field didn't just stop at learning—he also dedicated part of his career to teaching at the Medical University of South Carolina's Department of Orthodontics as an associate professor.

His recognized expertise has earned him the respect of his peers and accolades such as being named the Best Orthodontist in Mt. Pleasant.

When you walk into Pierce Orthodontics, you aren't just getting a service—you're benefiting from the expertise and dedication of a professional who's made it his life's work to create beautiful smiles.

Tailored Care, Serious Results

At Pierce Orthodontics, our philosophy revolves around fostering genuine connections. We believe in extending the warmth and care to our patients that we reserve for our closest loved ones.

Dr. Tim is a firm believer in transparent communication. He takes the time to walk you through every facet of your treatment journey, ensuring you understand and are comfortable with each step.

He's also just a phone call away, so feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Every smile tells a story, and Dr. Tim delves deep into understanding yours. He crafts a treatment approach tailored to your unique needs by closely analyzing your photographs and X-rays.

Whether you're interested in traditional metal braces, discreet clear ceramics, or innovative clear aligner systems, we've got you covered.

But Pierce Orthodontics is more than just about designing beautiful smiles. We're dedicated to providing an unparalleled patient experience. From the moment you first contact us to the day you flaunt your perfected smile, we're with you, ensuring every interaction is as delightful as the results we promise.

Financing & Insurance

Modern Treatments

Orthodontic treatment has evolved significantly, moving past the discomforts of past treatment models.

At Pierce Orthodontics, we've positioned ourselves at the forefront of these advances, ensuring your journey toward a perfect smile is both efficient and pleasant. Dr. Tim and the team employ cutting-edge techniques and tools that prioritize your comfort.

Our modern approach ensures faster treatment durations with minimal discomfort, allowing you to witness transformations in your smile without the hassle. The result? An orthodontic experience that’s as seamless as the smiles we craft.

Your comfort is important to us. We aim to make your orthodontic experience straightforward and pleasant from start to finish.

A Legacy of Service

For nearly half a century, Pierce Orthodontics has been a cornerstone of orthodontic excellence in Mt. Pleasant. Our legacy spans five decades and is deeply rooted in a commitment to service, expertise, and genuine patient care.

Our longevity is a testament to the trust and loyalty of generations of patients who have chosen us as their orthodontic home.

Our patients have not only witnessed but have also been a part of our evolution, seeing firsthand the perfect blend of time-tested methodologies with modern advancements in the field.

More than just a practice, Pierce Orthodontics has grown to symbolize a tradition of orthodontic brilliance in the Mt. Pleasant community. As we reflect on our history, we're filled with gratitude for the countless smiles we've enhanced and the lives we've touched.

And as we look to the future, our mission remains unchanged: to continue serving with the same passion, dedication, and excellence that has defined our legacy.

Customized Financial Solutions

At Pierce Orthodontics, we know that your financial situation is unique. Just as we customize our orthodontic solutions to fit your orthodontic needs, we offer payment plans that cater to your budget.

We proudly accept a wider range of South Carolina insurance plans compared to many other orthodontic practices. Our aim? To make achieving your ideal smile both attainable and affordable.

Before you step into our office, allow us to review your benefits. We strive to provide a comprehensive financial overview so that you're well-informed from the very beginning of your smile journey.

Once we've assessed your insurance coverage and handled the necessary filings, our team will work with you to devise a monthly payment plan that aligns with your financial constraints.

To further ease the payment process, Pierce Orthodontics provides in-house, interest-free options, customizable payment schedules, and enticing discounts for those who opt for upfront full payments.

Our goal is to make your orthodontic journey smooth, not just during treatment, but every step of the way.

Centrally Located, Always Accessible

Our prime location offers extended hours to better serve the residents of Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding areas.

Conveniently located at 1063 Chuck Dawley Boulevard, exceptional orthodontic care is just a short drive from your home, work, or school.